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Wood planting, Flood protection Krems river

Tasks definition
  • Ecological accessory design to flood protection measures in a very sensible area (Krems city area)
  • Replacement planting of wood which had to be cut due to the flood protection measures
  • Consideration of specific flood protection situation concerning the Krems river (Eisstoß)
  • Improvement of recreation function of Krems river considering surrounding areas (schools, public buildings, living areas, business areas)
  • Design of domestic wooden vegetation suitable for river embankment – urban planning combined with nature protection
  • Planting of trees and bushes in the upper river profile parts taking into consideration the hydraulic requirements (wooden vegetation can not present a flow obstacle!)
  • Planting of trees in the carriage part of the right side river embankment as well as planting of climbing plants along the river bank walls
  • Ongoing consulting with the client, responsible authorities (water right, nature protection, state funding bodies, municipal gardening office ) and concerned local inhabitants
  • Assessment of status of wooden vegetation before the construction measures take place
  • Design of wood planting in line with nature protection regulations
  • Detail design, Procurement, Review report
  • Technical and financial supervision
  • Client: Krems municipality
  • Funding body: Ministry for land and forestry, Environment and Water management, Lower Austrian government - departement of water management
  • Project period: Spring 2008
  • Construction costs: approx. € 55.000,– (only the planting measures)
  • Contact person: Ulrike Dirr, MSc