Hydro Ingenieure - Vision to clear solutions

Water Supply

With clear water carefully and safely into future!

Each water drop means the life.

This precious property is to be preserved, so that our offspring could be sufficiently supplied as well. Efficient water supply is a prerequisite for economic development of Regions and Municipalities.

Continuously rising quality criteria and standards in central and middle europe require construction, optimalization and sanitation of existing facilities. The main task in transition countries is to build up proper water supply. The application of service water for irrigation and thermal utilization becomes even more important.

After collection of available information and analysis of the existing data, we formulate the goals and develop individual proposals for solutions. Based on a calculation of profitability, we make desicions and implement the projects.

Our Strengths
  • We completed over 300 projects in Austria and other countries.
  • We implement the projects in rural areas as well as in areas of high population density.
  • We constantly develop the cutting-edge solutions.
Your Benefits
  • You obtain water in higher quality.
  • Your facilities are well-proven and work
  • You get the efficient solutions adopted for your needs.