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Water supply system Nisporeni

Tasks definition

Hydro Ingenieure was contracted to perform consulting services aiming to ensure the timely and correct implementation of all water supply infrastructure investments of the project „Rehabilitation of the water supply system in the Rayon Nisporeni: Municipalities of Nisporeni, Vărzăreşti and Grozeşti, Republic of Moldova”. 

The project consisted of design & procurement phase and construction supervision phase.

  • Rehabilitation of existing object and construction of new objects for the water supply system with hydraulic capacity of 60 l/s
  • Construction of Prut river water intake and two siphon pipes, each DN 350
  • Rehabilitation of the Raw water Pumping Station
  • Construction of the Water Treatment Plant 
  • Construction of the Intermediate Pumping Station 
  • Construction of the Pressure breaking chamber V=54 m3 
  • Construction of 3 Clean Water Reservoirs (1.600 m3, 400 m3 and 280 m3
  • Construction of 16,8 km of transmission main from DCI pipes  DN 300 PN 35 
  • Construction of 101,86 km of water distribution network (HDPE pipes PN 6 - PN 10, DN 80 - DN 350)
  • Construction of 39 km of service connections (1”-3” HDPE pipes, average length 10 m)
  • Measures were tendered and consequently contracted as one supply contract (TM material) and 7 works contracts
  • Elaboration of Conceptual Design
  • Preparation of Design for construction permission
  • Elaboration of Tender Documents
  • Procurement
  • Evaluation of proposals and Contracting
  • Construction supervision according the FIDIC red book
  • Commissioning
  • Taking-over of completed works
  • Supervision of the trial operation and training of APA Canal personnel
  • Client: Municipality of Nisporeni 
  • Financing source:  Multinational donor group - European Union, Austrian Development Agency and Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation 
  • Project duration: Design and Procurement phase January 2013 - February 2015, Construction Supervision phase May 2014 - July 2016
  • Investment costs: € 10.000.000,-
  • Contact person: MSc Josef Bramberger, Raimund Traintinger