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Water supply Merzenstein

Tasks definition

As a consequence of bad water quality and low water source yield of existing private wells in the municipality Merzenstein (City area Zwettl) it was decided that each household should be provided with the water supply connection with sufficient amount and quality of water.


A new water supply system (water catchment, pipeline networks, elevated water reservoir) consisting of the below listed was designed and constructed.

Pipeline network:

  • Transmission lines 1.200 m
  • Distribution network 1.750 m

Structural works:

  • Deep well (80m-Bohrung)
  • Elevated water reservoir (54 m3)

The control of the plant was ensured by SPS.

  • Investigation of variants
  • Project management
  • Design for permission
  • Elaboration of application for funding
  • Detail design
  • Preparation of tender documentation
  • Tender evaluation
  • Preparation of Works Contracts
  • Construction supervision
  • Taking-over
  • Elaboration of final acceptance documentation
  • Commissioning
  • Client: Water association Merzenstein
  • Project period: January 2008 - December 2009
  • Investment volume: € 460.000,–
  • Contact persons: Hermann Schmelz, Raimund Winkler, MSc