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Hydraulic Engineering

Living from and above all with water!

Water is a basic principle for all existence.

Water is an essential resource; however, it also presents a threat for people and their settlement area.

Flooding is a natural phenomenon and can not be avoided. A modern flood protection can, however, avoid that the flooding will cause a catastrophe. We offer a comprehensive and cost effective flood protection package applying the latest design methods:

  • Digital terrain, rainfall and runoff models
  • 2D-runoff simulations

Integrated Flood Protection

The integrated flood protection comprises not only the technical flood protection (river development, dikes, barriers, flood control basins, ….) but also the natural water retention and preventive measures (forecast models, land management, crisis management, emergency plans, public relations,…). It improves the quality of life and protects the property.

Optimal actions planning

Emergency plans, operation manuals and structure plans for operation of Flood protection and infrastructure facilities allow for an optimal application planning. Applying the above mentioned the losses can be minimized also in settlement areas without technical flood protection

Our Strengths
  • We have implemented important projects with different demands and dimensions.
  • We integrate the flood protection into the natural environment respectively into the rural areas or townscape.
Your Benefits
  • You protect the population and enhance the quality of life.
  • Your habitat will be more attractive and more valuable.
  • You know early enough what concrete and effective is to be done in case of a flooding occurrence.