Hydro Ingenieure - Vision to clear solutions

Wastewater treatment, Wastewater disposal

Clean water is a limited resource!

Use of water causes wastewater.

The main activities in central europe are focused on upgrade, rehabilitation und optimization of existing plants. Our high quality of live and rising awareness for the protection of our environment and waters require innovative solutions. In many east and south-east countries there is a need for completely new concepts of wastewater disposal.

After collection of available information and analysis of the existing data, we formulate the goals and develop individual proposals for solutions. Based on a calculation of profitability, we make desicions and implement the projects.

Our strengths
  • We implemented over 1000 wastewater projects inland and abroad.
  • We design rural, decentralized plants as well as large plants in areas of high population density.
  • We solve unerringly complex and extensive tasks.
Your profit
  • Your plant (Wastewater treatment, Wastewater disposal) works without defects and comply with all standards and regulatory requirements.
  • Our longstanding experience inland and abroad guarantees you the highest quality.
  • You save costs with our made-to-measure solutions.