Hydro Ingenieure - Vision to clear solutions

Process Engineering - Automatization

Getting the technologies working for us!

Relieved and more efficient works with made-to-measure process engineering methods and detailed automatization

Wherever you find, you can use the energy of the nature, you find as wel the appropriate technologies. On the one hand to make the work easier and on the other hand to make it more productive.

You specify your process outputs and we develop a made-to-measure process concept. In preparing it, we consider interdisciplinary physical, chemical and biologocal technologies. We take into consideration all existing resources. Depending on task, we execute supplementary analysis, measurements, laboratory examinations and tests.

We develop solutions which are feasible from the construction and control point of view and they are cost-effective as well. For your facility you will get a detailed automatization concept - including the internet access. In doing so, we make sure, the results shall meet your expectations.

Our strengths
  • We implemented over 100 Projects inland and abroad.
  • Our specialists cooperate with universities and research institutions.
  • We combine the process engineering with automatization and thereby we develop inovative, integral solutions.
Your profits
  • You will get a reliable and efficient process with minimum breakdown risk.
  • You will save by means of low operation costs.
  • You will have a constant overview of your facility and you can immediately react to deviations.