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Process Engineering - Automatization References


Process Engineering - Automatization

  • Industrial WWTP Laufen AG
  • Industrial WWTP ARA NORDEX
  • Flood protection pumping stations Hundsheim
  • Flood protection pumping stations Weißenkirchen
  • Flood protection pumping stations Ybbs
  • WWTP Litschau
  • WWTP GAV Wolkersdorf
  • WWTP Medina, Saudy Arabia
  • Remote data transmission WTP Geras
  • Remote data transmission WTP Hollabrunn
  • Remote data transmission WTP + WWTP Groß Gerungs
  • Feasibility study Co-fermentation Hollabrunn
  • VEXAT expertise Hollabrunn, Schrems, GAV Krems, Waldenstein
  • Authorized expert report Biomass-Power Plant Göpfritz/Wild, Altweitra, Schrems
  • Authorized expert report Wood-gas Power Plant Vitis
  • Sludge concept NAWARO
  • Sludge concept Nördliches Waldviertel
  • Research project - redevelopment of sea water desalination