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Danube flood protection for Oberarnsdorf

Task Description

Subsequent to significant flood events in recent years, the project aim was to protect vulnerable people and properties in the area of Oberarnsdorf against the 1 in 100 year return period River Danube flood. Additional priorities including maintaining the visual aspect of the town and landscape, provision of a flood control system that could be easily operated, the reduction of residual risks and minimising the impact on the existing groundwater flow regime.


Following a feasibility study, a solution was developed consisting of a combination of a permanent flood wall and a demountable flood wall. As part of the planning submission and detailed design, the flood system was optimised in relation to the visual aspects of the town and landscape. With a total length of approximately 890 m, the flood control system has the following principal components:

  • Provision of a flood protection wall and foundation, together with subsoil sealing over a length of approximately 890m.
  • A flood control pumping station including drainage pipes with a capacity of approx. 1,560 l/s.
  • Planning, delivery, installation and commissioning of demountable flood barriers with a total area of 1,150 m2.
  • Warehouse for demountable flood protection elements.
  • Feasibility Study
  • Draft and Detailed Planning Submissions
  • Residual Risk Analysis
  • variants investigation & Sensitivity Testing
  • Emergency Planning
  • Application for Project Funding
  • Invitations to Tender & Procurement
  • Project Management
  • Technical and Commercial Construction Supervision
  • Site Co-ordination
  • Final Approval
  • client: Municipality of Rossatz-Arnsdorf
  • project funding: provided by the Austrian Government and the county of Lower Austria Government
  • total costs: € 9,730,000
  • project period: 2011-2012
  • contact person: Jörg Handhofer, MSc