Hydro Ingenieure - Vision to clear solutions

Development of Municipalities, Regions and Habitats

Strength strengthening.

By “Strength strengthening“ making the municipality or region attractive and therethrough distinguish it from others. „From the green grassland to the inhabited area“ – to develop the habitats in customized way. In both areas, we develop integrated, innovative and cost-effective solutions. Your municipality/region has an identity.

Development of municiaplities and regions

We develop your strengths and potentials. We pick the themes of interest (e.g. living, tourism, work….) up and we develop an overall long-term concept with clear goals out of it. Within the regions, we additionally focus on individual municipalities (Economy, shopping, living, .....).

Together, we define target-aimed processes and projects, we develop time-schedules and priority lists for the implementation. We establish communication strategy for the inhabitants and target groups. As a result there will be a master plan with which we will accompany you – based on wishes also within the searching for investors, implementation of decisions or within the result checking.

Development of habitats

Development of habitats serves for the building up of new or extension of the existing area of interest.

Within the first analysis we verify whether the area of interest is suitable from the traffic access, location and economical point of view. Subsequently, we suggest the suitable locations including the relevant urban hierarchy and target groups. If desired, we conduct the dialogues with all potentially involved (landlords, land authorities, municipalities, logistic providers,….).

Following the results of the initial investigations, we design and calculate the necessary infrastructure measures. A business concept shall be developed, build-up and operation of the responsible organization shall be planned – optionally we can also assist in foundation of the responsible organisation, negotiate the relevant issues with partners and elaborate a communication model. We assist within the implementation of the business plan – completely or partially (foundation of the responsible organisation, search for investors, search for partners, selling of real estates, settlement of companies, performance review, …..).

Our strengths
  • We develop strategies which make you successful.
  • We make funds accessible for you and establish an infrastructure for your area.
  • We support you until your project is completed and it operates successfully.
Your profit
  • You sustainably strengthen your area and inhabitants support your project.
  • Your municipality operates economically and gains additional income in the long run.
  • You invest your capital accurately and thereby you move the things!
  • Your living area is attractive and remains worth living in the future as well.