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Mansion St.Pölten

Tasks definition

In 2008 the company Hippolyt Verlags GmbH decided to develop the mansion of St. Pölten. In the course of the planned construction measures a development concept has been elaborated. It aimed to define the future orientation and to achieve the sustainable economic success.

  • Ground floor was to be made more attractive. The mansion was to be integrated into the measures of St. Pölten municipality. It was planned to adjust the retail area and to arrange the settlement of shops.
  • Increase the quality of flats and thereby achieve the occupation and higher rental fees.
  • Connection of old city, land government and culture sector.
  • Mansion as a core project of connection between the land government/culture sector and the old city of St.Pölten
  • Positioning as a part of culture axis (used by tourists and visitors) and institutional purposes
  • The „Trademark Herrenhof“ represents attributes Quality and Art & Culture. Correspondingly the retail consisting of specific shops and traffic generator was selected. The allocation considered that it is to be used by tourists as well as inhabitants.
  • Positioning as high value quality place of residence in the heart of old city of St. Pölten
  • Funding and financial concepts with applications
  • IST-Analysis
  • Funding concept
  • Project management
  • Elaboration of concept
  • Client: Hippolyt Verlag GmbH
  • Project period: December 2008 - May 2009
  • Service contract price: € 5.200,– (€ 19.000,–)
  • Contact person: Jürgen Erber, MSc