Hydro Ingenieure - Vision to clear solutions

Landscape planning, Arrangement of townscape

Safer traffic and attractive living space for people.

The human being and his needs take the centre stage.

Precondition for that is conservation of nature and development of our cultural landscape. Road area is becoming living space, which protects the weaker motorists as well.

Harmonically and ecologically we incorporate into landscape infrastructure measures like Flood protection, Road construction, Water retention, Water supply and Sewerage construction. Public green areas provide recovery environment and improve the population’s quality of life..

Arrangement of townscape can not be separated from the road planning. Beside the well-regulated traffic flows we set value on user-optimized road transport infrastructure, footpaths, bicycle routes, green areas, storage places and many more – however, in particular communication areas.

While designing we keep in mind your needs and ideas. We offer you solutions which satisfy several requirements at the same time: technical usefulness, ecological tolerance and recovery environment for people.

Our strengths
  • We implemented over 100 projects.
  • We dispose of large pool of designers and we cover
  • We seek


Your benefits
  • You improve your qulaity of life and accomplish an attractive
  • By accepting the interests ofihnabitants .