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Danube flood protection Krems-Stein

Task Description

For the twin town of Krems-Stein, which in 1995 celebrated its 1000 year jubilee, the River Danube was historically important for trade. Today, the River Danube has greater prominence as part of the tourist centre that Krems-Stein has become.

Krems, and Stein in particular, had inadequate flood defences and was subject to frequent flooding from the River Danube. Hydro Ingenieure was engaged to provide design consultancy services for the provision of flood defences for Krems-Stein. As well as providing flood protection, maintaining the image of the twin town and access to the River Danube were essential project aims.


A demountable flood protection system was installed in areas where it was important to maintain existing views of the twin town from the River Danube and access onto the River Danube. A permanent low profile wall was installed with deep foundations acting a barrier to groundwater flow. During periods of high water, steel columns are installed on top of this wall, and between these, aluminium stop logs are slid in. The stop log system can be adjusted gradually in height as required to suit the anticipated flood level. Stone-clad flood control walls and dams, together with a drainage network with a flood control pumping station, complete the flood protection system.

  • Total length of the flood protection system: 1,670 m
  • Stop log system length: 890 m
  • Consists of 247 columns, with approximately 2,600 stop logs
  • Height of the demountable flood wall (not including the permanent wall): up to 1.6 m
  • Demountable flood wall height at crossings: 3.2 m
  • Flood control pumping system
  • Flood protection system is stored at the voluntary fire defence force 
  • variants investigation & Sensitivity Testing 
  • Detailed Design and Drawing Submission for Planning Approval
  • Application for Project Funding
  • Tender Preparation and Procurement
  • Project Management
  • Site Supervision in accordance with construction site           co-ordination law (BauKG)
  • Residual Risk Analysis
  • O&M Manual Preparation and Emergency Planning
  • client: the town of Krems an der Donau
  • project funding: provided by the Austrian Government and the county of Lower Austria Government
  • total costs: € 16,000,000
  • project period: 1994-1996
  • contact person: Jörg Handhofer, MSc