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Hydrogeology / Geotechnical Engineering

Getting to the bottom of the groundwater!

Rainfall runs off partly through creeks and rivers, partly it drains into the ground and forms the groundwater.

We investigate and analyse this water in this regard

  • Groundwater catchment for production of potable or service water, for thermal utilization or dewatering of construction pits
  • Groundwater accumulation by construction of rainwater infilatration plants and infiltration reservoirs
  • Superior impacts on constructions (for example landfils/abandoned hazardous sites)
  • Superior interaction within water catchment/water infiltration or within the construction of buildings in groundwater body
  • Groundwater conditions for the formation of construction (groundwater fluctuation area, groundwater quality, groundwater flow direction etc.)
Our strengths
  • We completed over 250 Projects – on small as well as large scale.
  • We offer all services from one hand - from pre-investigation to monitoring.
  • We have the state-of-the-art groundwater measurement equipment.
Your profit
  • You get the high value results and you know how to build the subgrade.
  • You know already at the commencment of the works the expected groundwater influence.
  • You can use the groundwater optimally.
  • You avoid the long-term consequences and damages