Hydro Ingenieure - Vision to clear solutions

Guide project Südweststeiermark

Tasks definition
  • Development of sustainable strategy in border area Austria-Slovenia and initiation of implementation measures
  • Integration of control operation into the small region
  • Development of responsible organisation between small region Ratschendorf and control operation unit
  • Large-scale funding application considering railway connection and business area infrastructure connection
  • Arrangement of concerned region for fields of steel and logistic 
  • Establishment of responsible organisation between the small region and control operation unit  for a re-loading site Road/Rails including the railway connection
  • Conception of a virtual business park over all concerned municipalities and start of implementation in industrial park Ratschendorf with future railway connection
  • Development of inter-municipal tax adjustment procedure for the municipalities in the concerned region
  • Application for funding of railway connection project (€ 2,9 Mio.) at land Steiermark
  • Involvement of small region Ratschendorf, EU-Regional management, control operation unit, Land Steiermark, BMVIT, BMWA, SCHIG, AST into the project
  • Analysis of existing situation
  • Study – Competence centre - Logistics
  • Financing concept
  • Application for funding
  • Basic concept - Responsible organisation
  • Elaboration of overall concept
  • Client: Small region Ratschendorf
  • Funding body: Land Steiermark
  • Project period: January 2007 - August 2007
  • Costs volume: € 33.000,–
  • Contact person: Jürgen Erber, MSc