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Flood protection Hundsheim

Tasks definition

In 2002 as well as so often in previous years, almost the entire Hundseim was flooded by the Danube river. An understandable wish of inhabitants was the sustainable protection against the flooding from the Danube waters.

Further requirements were as follows:

  • Maintenance of possibly undisturbed water balance, so there will be no flood through the underground  during the time when the river water level is high
  • Solution with view and free access to the Danube
  • Safer protection with little action in case of high river water levels
  • Observance of nature and landscape preservation (World cultural heritage)
  • After intensive underground investigations the feasibility study with different variants was elaborated. The solution from combination of static walls and mobile elements was evaluated as the most suitable.
  • Protective structures shall be located along the parallel road; therefore the reduction of noise level from the road shall be achieved as well.
  • Sealing of the underground shall be solved by 15 m deep walls which provide natural water balance and in case of flood it provides regulated groundwater level by drainage discharge.
  • Draft design
  • Hydraulics
  • Detail design
  • Procurement and construction supervision
  • Project management
  • Project funding development
  • Residual risks analysis
  • Emergency and operation control plan
  • Client: Municipality of Mautern an der Donau
  • Funding body: Bund und Land NÖ
  • Overall costs: € 6.950.000,–
  • Commencement of construction: September 2006
  • Functional capability: December 2007
  • Construction completion: September 2009
  • Contact person: Jörg Handhofer, MSc