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Regina textil cleaning

Tasks definition

The company Regina Textil cleaning is a big laundry company specialized to serve hospitals, retirement homes and nursing homes with a headquarters in Krems/Donau and it has 250 employees.

  • Optimization of resources and energy consumption.
  • Utilization of waste heating.
  • Particular challenge: Recording and interpretation of energy streams (earth gas, heating oil, steam and pressurized air) and matter stream (laundry, hard and soft cold and warm water, wastewater, waste air) of the entire production plant for identification of optimization potential.
  • Layout showing the energy and matter stream
  • Increase of proportion of recirculation air within the driers results in savings of 108.000 kWh of earth gas respect. 5,4 % of total earth gas demand
  • Installation of a waste gas condenser for better utilization of fuel value technology of steam boiler and heating of feed water results in savings of 515.000 kWh respect. 7,3 % of total gas demand
  • Engagement of fuel value technology within the steam generation
  • Analysis of existing situation
  • Investigation of existing facilities
  • Elaboration of mass flow analysis for water, wastewater, energy and pressurized air
  • Execution of supplementary measurements
  • Identification of potentials for optimization
  • Development of technical solutions
  • Calculation of profitability
  • Client: Regina Textilreinigung
  • Period: 2007 - 2009
  • Financing of services: Ökomanagement NÖ
  • Contact person: Johannes Reithner, BSc