Hydro Ingenieure - Vision to clear solutions

Energy and Eco-management

Energy and Resources have to be used effictively. Less can be more.

Climate protection creates jobs

Quality of life is valuable. Sustainable management makes the durability successful. The Resources are to be preserved and the renewable energy is to be used, formation of values in region – for us and our children.

We survey the actual energy / resources consumption of buildings and plants, analyse the savings potention and examine the application of renewable energy. Only if energy and resources are efficiently applied it is cost-effective.

Our strengths
  • We are inovative and look into future.
  • We are member of advice pool for Eco-management“ and „Municipal Energy Concepts“ – condition for funding.
  • We are experienced in intervantion of fundings for minicipalities and enterprises.
Your benefits
  • You considerably save energy costs and you can calculate in the long term.
  • You enhance the added value in the region.
  • Our consulting services are mostly re-payable through funds.
  • You reduce the dependence from energy imports.
  • You improve comfort in buildings.
  • You increase the efficiency of plants.
  • You reduce the application of resources and help to achieve climate aims.