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Connection of business area Gedersdorf

Tasks definition
  • Design of complete infrastructure of business area, particularly the connection road
  • Design of the road considering the future heavy trucks traffic
  • Allowance for sufficient parking places
  • Effective dewatering of the road surface without the pipe dewatering system
  • Designing in agreement with the client and the road authority (connection into a state road)
  • Design of two line road and adjacent parking places on both sides of the road (11 m wide)
  • Complete infiltration of rain water into underground by infiltration ditches
  • Thanks to geomembrane layer, there will be a possibility to replace the upper part of the infiltration body in case the infiltration function should fail
  • Survey and preliminary discussions
  • Draft design
  • Construction permit
  • Water right permission for dewatering
  • Procurement, Bids evaluation, Contracting
  • Technical and financial supervision
  • Taking-over of completed works and handing-over to the client
  • Client: Municipality Gedersdorf
  • Funding body: Lower Austrian Government, ECO Plus
  • Project period: Spring 2001 - Autumn 2008
  • Construction costs: approx. € 240.000,–
  • Contact person: Otto Gausterer, BSc