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Business area Böheimkirchen

Tasks definition

Former long-term functioning business area was to be retrieved. The first step was the settlement of the headquarters of an Austrian company Würth in 1997. The aim was to provide the working places in the municipality.

  • Conception of a business area in the municipality area of Böheimkirchen considering the regional demand
  • Design of complete traffic infrastructure (road and railway)
  • Design of complete water supply and discharge of wastewater and rain water (potable water, wastewater, surface water)
  • Positioning of Böheimkirchen as significant business area in Eastern Austria
  • Interdisciplinary design activities from vision to implementation
  • Result is double tax revenues for the municipality within „Kommunalsteuer“, increase in number of inhabitants and renewal of local income sources (dense presence of Restaurants, Hotels, pubs etc remain)
  • Areas constructed within Phase I and II are fully occupied. The infrastructure for phase III is presently being constructed.
  • For phase IV the foundations are being constructed
  • Business area study
  • Feasibility study
  • Funding management
  • Business plan
  • Design
  • Construction Supervision
  • Communication concept
  • Project management
  • Client: Municipality Böheimkirchen
  • Funding body: Government of Lower Austria
  • Project period: 1994 - ongoing
  • Project costs volume: € 3,000,000 within the investments into infrastructure
  • Approx. 25 ha of area for bussiness settlements
  • Contract person: Jürgen Erber, MSc