Hydro Ingenieure - Vision to clear solutions

Building services, Energy management

Building services, Energy management for people

People have miscellaneous demands on buildings

Either within construction of new buildings or within rehabilitation of old buildings – in each case the builder wishes having „House into the future“.

Sun energy and geothermal energy break the correct way. Renewable energy grows local and sustainable. Recycling of waste heat spares money. Gently processed raw materials protect the environment. Integrated thinking and trading with brain.

We collect exactly the respective user's needs. Exactly therefore, because only then the ideas and proper coordinated concepts could be developed. Finances form the borders. Investment and operation costs analysis makes it easier for the builder to take correct decisions.

We use our diversified know-how in all fields. Like gears they fit into each other and use the technics in order to establish comfortable „Atmospheric environment“ – invisible and soundless, however, effective.

Our strengths
  • We connect integrated the house equipment and profitability.
  • We use inovativ technics.
  • We use diversified know-how. And all that is being handled under one roof.
Your profits
  • From the beginning based on „true“ costs.
  • The construction shall be completed without any defects and in due time.
  • Used technology is future-proof, profitable. And it works.
  • You have the competent contact person. He takes care fairly of all.