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Raw Water Treatment Plant Borjomi

Tasks definition

The overall objective of the project is the construction of a raw water treatment plant (RWTP) to treat the raw water from the River Gujareti (140 l/s) which afterwards will be mixed in the plant with water from the Sadgeri well (60 l/s) and total 200 l/s can be conducted to the Water supply system of Borjomi. The RWTP will be constructed near the village Sadgeri which is situated approximately 3 km from the city of Borjomi in Georgia.

This project is financed by EBRD loan (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) and by EUWI grant (European Union Water Initiative).


The Construction of the building of the raw water treatment plant includes following

  • equipment for screening
  • coagulation
  • flocculation
  • lamella sedimentation
  • sand filtration
  • UV disinfection
  • pH adjustment and chlorination
  • office, staff room, laboratory, workshop etc

Further following items will be implemented

  • Construction of a valve chamber
  • Construction of a new pipeline between Sadgeri well and RWTP (approx 2,8 km length)
  • Construction of a pipeline for backwash water (occurred during the treatment process) to an near existing storm water pipe (approx 120m length)
  • Construction of a three-compartment septic tank with subsequent infiltration
  • Advice to Client as necessary on all contract aspects
  • Review and approval of the Contractors detailed engineering designs, technical specifications for all works including infrastructure lines
  • Supervision over construction including review and approval of documentation, works organization plans and working drawings as well as over taking over the completed works and remedying defects
  • Review of equipment procurement orders
  • Supervision of equipment installation
  • Supervision of test upon completion and commissioning
  • Review of Contractors operation manuals
  • Client: Municipal Development Fund of Georgia (MDF)
  • Funding body: EBRD and EU
  • Project duration: Feb 2011 - July 2012
  • Investment volume: € 3.000.000,–
  • Contact person: Josef Bramberger