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Attic floor City Hall Laa/Thaya

Tasks definition
  • Construction of attic floor in compliance with dry construction methods – Establishment of office, meeting room and sanitary facilities
  • Preservation of outer envelope (under protection of historic buildings) and reconstruction works needed due to static reasons
  • Execution of works while allowing the usual office working mode an with respect to events held on main square
  • Adjustment of emergency exits and fire protection to the state of the art
  • Exact survey of existing status
  • Exact coordination of different specialists
  • Flexible execution of services at the site
  • Effective fulfilment of authorities’requirements
  • Close contact with client’s representative
  • Involvement of authorized experts in fields of statics and fire protection  
  • Intensive presence on the construction site
  • Timely elaboration of shop drawings (detail design drawings)
  • Advisory services fort he client
  • Contracting
  • Preservation of evidence
  • Construction time plan
  • Construction supervision
  • Review of application for payment and invoice certification
  • Client: GAUL Municipality association for implementation of environmental tasks in court area Laa/Thaya
  • Project period: November 2008 till June 2009
  • Effective area: approx. 550 m²
  • Total budget approx. € 950.000,–
  • Contact person: Christian Kopetzky, MSc