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Service water supply system Government district of Lower Austria

Tasks definition

The government district of Lower Austria is supplied by service water from several wells. The service water is used for flushing of toilets and irrigation of green areas.

  • 4 objects were planned to be heated during the winter and cooled during summer by thermal utilization of groundwater.
  • Large groundwater intake and re-infiltration of 70 l/s within the dense built up city area – multiplication of performance of existing system
  • The system had to be designed taking into consideration the existing surrounding constructions and applicable water laws
  • Existing system was supposed to remain functioning
  • Existing intake objects were examined from structural and hydraulic point of view (CCTV, pumping and irrigation tests) and the status was documented. Extension options were hydro-geologically analysed taking into consideration possible effects on the groundwater body and external rights.
  • Well water is now pumped directly into the service water network and thereby the energy and costs are saved.
  • Multiple utilization of water – firstly thermal, secondly for toilets flushing and thirdly for irrigation.
  • Examination of the existing system
  • Technical assistance and evaluation of pump tests
  • Hydro-geological investigation
  • Elaboration of feasibility study
  • Project for water law permission
  • Detail design
  • Procurement
  • Construction supervision
  • Construction coordination
  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Client: Department of Lower Austria
  • Max. groundwater intake = 70 l/s
  • Thermal groungwater utilization for 4 buildings (heating/cooling) with approx. 1300 persons
  • Total concerned area approx. 40.000m2
  • Period: 2005 - 2008
  • Incestment costs: approx. € 950.000
  • Contact person: Paul Seitz, MSc