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Water supply system WVA Krems – Well field Schlickendorf

Tasks definition

The municipality Krems was supplied solely from the groundwater supply plant Landersdorf. Additionally the second well field was to be connected.

  • Dimensioning for the purpose of guaranteed supply of needed water amounts also in extreme cases
  • Construction of wells, pumping stations, UV-disinfection facility and transmission pipeline
  • Determination of well protection area
  • Special attention was to be paid to amount of groundwater intake and consequent project demands in terms of technical and water law point of view
  • Preliminary investigation by survey drillings and short pumping tests, construction of well 1 and probe network
  • Long-term pumping test in well 1 with monitoring of groundwater level by probes
  • Evaluation of measurement for elaboration of groundwater layers drawings and depression cone design
  • Hydro-geological evaluation of investigations and determination of protection area
  • Pumping station and UV-disinfection unit
  • Construction of well 2 and 3
  • Laying of transmission pipeline DN 500
  • Hydro-geological investigations (in cooperation with hydro-geological engineering company Ing. Westerlund)
  • General technical support and evaluation of pumping tests
  • Determination of necessary protection area
  • Technical assistance
  • Design for water law permission
  • Detail design
  • Procurement
  • Construction supervision
  • Assistance in application for funding
  • Client: Municipality Krems, Waterworks
  • Design of well for intake of 300 l/s
  • 3 vertical filter wells, technically possible intake of 75 - 150 l/s each well
  • Operation building with 4 floors, pumps with capacity of 75 l/s each,
  • UV-disinfection plant with capacity of 300 l/f s
  • Transmission line DN 500/350, Length = 8500m
  • Period: 1987 - 2008
  • Investment volume: approx. € 4.400.000.–
  • Contact person: Paul Seitz, MSc